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Regularities in Android Lock Patterns 0

Regularities in Android Lock Patterns

Interesting : Marte Løge, a 2015 graduate of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, recently collected and analyzed almost 4,000 ALPs as part of her master’s thesis. She found that a large percentage of them­ — 44 percent­ — started in the top left-most node of the screen.

Other GCHQ News from Snowden 0

Other GCHQ News from Snowden

There are two other Snowden stories this week about GCHQ: one about its hacking practices , and the other about its propaganda and psychology research . The second is particularly disturbing: While some of the unit’s activities are focused on the claimed areas, JTRIG also appears to be intimately involved in traditional law enforcement areas and U.K.-specific activity, as previously unpublished documents demonstrate.

More on Chris Roberts and Avionics Security 0

More on Chris Roberts and Avionics Security

Last month, I blogged about security researcher Chris Roberts being detained by the FBI after tweeting about avionics security while on a United flight: But to me, the fascinating part of this story is that a computer was monitoring the Twitter feed and understood the obscure references, alerted a person who figured out who wrote them, researched what flight he was on, and sent an FBI team to the Syracuse airport within a couple of hours. There’s some serious surveillance going on. We know a lot more of the back story from the FBI’s warrant application .