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Stealing Fingerprints 0

Stealing Fingerprints

The news from the Office of Personnel Management hack keeps getting worse. In addition to the personal records of over 20 million US government employees, we’ve now learned that the hackers stole fingerprint files for 5.6 million of them

Identifying CIA Officers in the Field 0

Identifying CIA Officers in the Field

During the Cold War, the KGB was very adept at identifying undercover CIA officers in foreign countries through what was basically big data analysis . (Yes, this is a needlessly dense and very hard-to-read article. I think it’s worth slogging through, though.)

Spoofing Fitness Trackers 0

Spoofing Fitness Trackers

The website Unfitbits.com has a series of instructional videos on how to spoof fitness trackers, using such things as a metronome, pendulum, or power drill. With insurance companies like John Hancock offering discounts to people who allow them to verify their exercise program by opening up their fitness-tracker data, these are useful hacks. News article .

Anti-Alien Security 0

Anti-Alien Security

You can wrap your house in tinfoil, but when you start shining bright lights to defend yourself against alien attack, you’ve gone too far. In general, society puts limits on what types of security you are allowed to use, especially when that use can affect others

History of Hacktivism 0

History of Hacktivism

Nice article by Dorothy Denning. Hacktivism emerged in the late 1980s at a time when hacking for fun and profit were becoming noticeable threats. Initially it took the form of computer viruses and worms that spread messages of protest