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Clever System of Secure Distributed Computation 0

Clever System of Secure Distributed Computation

This is really clever: Enigma’s technique — what cryptographers call “secure multiparty computation” — works by mimicking a few of the features of bitcoin’s decentralized network architecture: It encrypts data by splitting it up into pieces and randomly distributing indecipherable chunks of it to hundreds of computers in the Enigma network known as “nodes.” Each node performs calculations on its discrete chunk of information before the user recombines the results to derive an unencrypted answer. Thanks to some mathematical tricks the Enigma creators implemented, the nodes are able to collectively perform every kind of computation that computers normally do, but without accessing any other portion of the data except the tiny chunk they were assigned.

Details of the NSA’s XKEYSCORE 0

Details of the NSA’s XKEYSCORE

The Intercept has published a highly detailed two – part article on how the NSA’s XKEYSCORE works , including a huge number of related documents from the Snowden archive. So much to digest. Please post anything interesting you notice in the comments.

Tracking the Psychological Effects of the 9/11 Attacks 0

Tracking the Psychological Effects of the 9/11 Attacks

Interesting research from 2012: ” The Dynamics of Evolving Beliefs, Concerns, Emotions, and Behavioral Avoidance Following 9/11: A Longitudinal Analysis of Representative Archival Samples “: Abstract: September 11 created a natural experiment that enables us to track the psychological effects of a large-scale terror event over time. The archival data came from 8,070 participants of 10 ABC and CBS News polls collected from September 2001 until September 2006.

Other GCHQ News from Snowden 0

Other GCHQ News from Snowden

There are two other Snowden stories this week about GCHQ: one about its hacking practices , and the other about its propaganda and psychology research . The second is particularly disturbing: While some of the unit’s activities are focused on the claimed areas, JTRIG also appears to be intimately involved in traditional law enforcement areas and U.K.-specific activity, as previously unpublished documents demonstrate.

Why We Encrypt 0

Why We Encrypt

Encryption protects our data. It protects our data when it’s sitting on our computers and in data centers, and it protects it when it’s being transmitted around the Internet. It protects our conversations, whether video, voice, or text.

History of the First Crypto War 0

History of the First Crypto War

As we’re all gearing up to fight the Second Crypto War over governments’ demands to be able to back-door any cryptographic system, it pays for us to remember the history of the First Crypto War. The Open Technology Institute has written the story of those years in the mid-1990s