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June Apple Patch Day – Daily Security Byte EP.107

If you use Apple products — on Mac or PC — know that today is Apple Patch Day. The popular software company released six security advisories (originally five, but they had a late breaking advisory) fixing many security flaws in most of their most popular products. Watch today’s video to learn which products are affected, and what you should patch (or check the Reference section for a link to the page with all the details)

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Hackers Ground Airline – Daily Security Byte EP.101

Last Sunday, 1400 Polish LOT airline passengers were probably disappointed to learn their flights were delayed for five hours. According to the airline, hackers disrupted the ground stations responsible for sending flight plans to pilots. Watch today’s video to learn about this recent airline hack, and what it means for the industry

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iOS Crash Text – Daily Security Byte EP.89

High schoolers around the nation likely woke up to randomly rebooting iPhones due to pranksters exploiting a mysterious new flaw triggered by a simple text message. The news of this malicious text started on Reddit, but quickly spread as security researchers and the press jumped on the issue. Learn more about it in today’s video.