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TA15-286A: Dridex P2P Malware 0

TA15-286A: Dridex P2P Malware

Original release date: October 13, 2015 Systems Affected Microsoft Windows Overview   Dridex, a peer-to-peer (P2P) bank credential-stealing malware, uses a decentralized network infrastructure of compromised personal computers and web servers to execute command-and-control (C2). The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), is releasing this Technical Alert to provide further information about the Dridex botnet

Adobe Flash Patch, Plus Shockwave Shocker 0

Adobe Flash Patch, Plus Shockwave Shocker

Adobe has released a critical software update to fix nearly two-dozen security holes in its Flash Player browser plugin. Separately, I want to take a moment to encourage users who have Adobe Shockwave Player installed to finally junk this program; turns out Shockwave — which comes with its own version of Flash — is still many versions behind in bundling the latest Flash fixes. If you use and need Flash Player, it’s time to update the program (the latest version is for Windows and Mac users)

Adobe, MS, Oracle Push Critical Security Fixes 0

Adobe, MS, Oracle Push Critical Security Fixes

This being the second Tuesday of the month, it’s officially Patch Tuesday. But it’s not just Microsoft Windows users who need to update today: Adobe has released fixes for several products, including a Flash Player bundle that patches two vulnerabilities for which exploit code is available online. Separately, Oracle issued a critical patch update that plugs more than two dozen security holes in Java .