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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it would not be fair to let the occasion pass us by without reflecting on the colorful, charming, amorous, sometimes exotic world of malware.

Apache Commons Collections Under Attack 0

Apache Commons Collections Under Attack

Two months ago, a Java zero day vulnerability (CVE-2015-4852) that targeted Apache commons collections library was disclosed. This vulnerability is caused by an error when Java applications, which use Apache commons collections library, deserialize o…

"Fractalizing" Security 0

"Fractalizing" Security

Most people are familiar with fractals, if not by name but by appearance. Wikipedia defines a fractal as “…a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale.” Perhaps the…

New CryptoWall Variant In The Wild 0

New CryptoWall Variant In The Wild

CryptoWall, one of the most notorious and successful families of ransomware, continues to rear its head in various campaigns. The CyberThreat Alliance recently released a detailed report on CryptoWall Version 3, exploring how the ranso…

A Crash Course In DLL Hijacking 0

A Crash Course In DLL Hijacking

Overview This week, we heard a lot about a DLL hijacking vulnerability from the security community. It began with a 0-day DLL hijacking in Microsoft Office which was discovered by an independent security researcher named Parvez Anwar.