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Marketing Versus Third-Party Testing 0

Marketing Versus Third-Party Testing

When it comes time to sign that purchase order for a security solution, how do you cut through the glossy marketing and make informed choices? Marketing is something of a necessary evil for most companies. You can sell the best widgets in the world,…

Security in a Virtual World 0

Security in a Virtual World

Many organizations are moving to virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure. The potential benefits are well-proven, but security is just as important as in physical and on-premises environments. In early 2014, Gartner reported that over 50% of all…

3 Vectors of a Healthcare Cyberattack 0

3 Vectors of a Healthcare Cyberattack

Our healthcare systems, from EHR to medical devices, are more vulnerable than many of us realize. And the stakes are too high to ignore. Even within the healthcare industry, few people realize just how vulnerable many of our systems are to cyberatta…