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Inside BlackHat Europe 2014 0

Inside BlackHat Europe 2014

The conference started with Adi Shamir’s keynote. As it was covered at length by rootshell, I won’t be discussing it in this post – apart the fact I was really happy to listen to a brillant mind like Adi Shamir. I also appreciated his talk which was…

0wning Emmental 0

0wning Emmental

A long time ago, I posted a video showing how to control Zitmo (the mobile component of ZeuS). It turns out you can (nearly) do exactly the same with Emmental. If you are not aware of Operation Emmental, please jump to this excellent white paper

Poodle FAQ 0

Poodle FAQ

What is POODLE? POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downloaded Legacy Encryption) is a vulnerability present in the SSL version 3.0 (SSLv3) protocol mainly due to the way CBC encryption scheme is implemented by it.

Android Packers Talk at Hacktivity 0

Android Packers Talk at Hacktivity

If you have any interest in Android packers, or how to reverse mobile malware that use such packers, please don’t miss Ruchna’s upcoming talk at Hacktivity . Android Packers: Separating from the Pack – 11. October 2014