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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Attribution? 0

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Attribution?

There was an advert for weed-killer a while back, the tagline was something along the lines of ‘Kill the root, kill the weed’. That’s true of many problems, better to get to the heart of the issue and deal with it there, rather than repeatedly treating its symptoms.

"The Declining Half-Life of Secrets" 0

"The Declining Half-Life of Secrets"

Several times I’ve mentioned Peter Swire’s concept of “the declining half-life of secrets.” He’s finally written it up : The nature of secrets is changing. Secrets that would once have survived the 25 or 50 year test of time are more and more prone to leaks. The declining half-life of secrets has implications for the intelligence community and other secretive agencies, as they must now wrestle with new challenges posed by the transformative power of information technology innovation as well as the changing methods and targets of intelligence collection