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Keeping Pace with Cryptowall 0

Keeping Pace with Cryptowall

Overview Cryptowall is a popular ransomware which targets computers running Microsoft Windows, encrypts files, and extorts money to decrypt user files. With its predecessor’s first appearance way back September 2013, cryptowall has become a fi…

Responsible Disclosure and IoT 0

Responsible Disclosure and IoT

Fortinet, like most members of the security community, understands that we’re entering uncharted territory as the Internet of Things becomes a mainstream phenomenon. To that end, Fortinet invests significant resources into threat intelligence a…

New Phishing Campaign Making the Rounds 0

New Phishing Campaign Making the Rounds

Recently, our monitoring detected a new email phishing campaign circulating in the wild. The targets are individuals who are using email from providers such as YahooMail and Gmail. Our analysis below will tell more about this phishing campaign and wh…