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Hacktivists Expose Cheaters – Daily Security Byte EP.116

We can’t condone cyber crime, even when the hacktivists have morals. A group of attackers calling themselves The Impact Team have breached a well-known online cheating site, and threatened to expose all its customers if they don’t shutdown shop. Watch today’s video to learn about this scandalous cyber drama, and why you shouldn’t post anything online that you don’t want your Grandma to see. (Episode Runtime: 3:41 ) Direct YouTube Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvow48dkF54 EPISODE REFERENCES: Popular Adultery site breached and extorted – Krebs on Security Who needs hackers if you can already see who’s cheating – Motherboard How you can see if an email address is on Ashley Madison (AM) – Troy Hunt Why the AM breach is everyone’s problem – The Verge What the AM hack teachs you about OpSec – Motherboard —  Corey Nachreiner, CISSP  ( @SecAdept )

Organizational Doxing of Ashley Madison 0

Organizational Doxing of Ashley Madison

The — depending on who is doing the reporting — cheating , affair , adultery , or infidelity site Ashley Madison has been hacked. The hackers are threatening to expose all of the company’s documents, including internal e-mails and details of its 37 million customers.

Organizational Doxing 0

Organizational Doxing

Recently, WikiLeaks began publishing over half a million previously secret cables and other documents from the Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia . It’s a huge trove, and already reporters are writing stories about the highly secretive government.

More on Hacking Team 0

More on Hacking Team

Read this : Hacking Team asked its customers to shut down operations, but according to one of the leaked files , as part of Hacking Team’s “crisis procedure,” it could have killed their operations remotely. The company, in fact, has “a backdoor” into every customer’s software, giving it ability to suspend it or shut it down­ — something that even customers aren’t told about. To make matters worse, every copy of Hacking Team’s Galileo software is watermarked, according to the source, which means Hacking Team, and now everyone with access to this data dump, can find out who operates it and who they’re targeting with it

VU#561288: Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 ByteArray use-after-free vulnerability 0

VU#561288: Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 ByteArray use-after-free vulnerability

Vulnerability Note VU#561288 Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 ByteArray use-after-free vulnerability Original Release date: 07 Jul 2015 | Last revised: 07 Jul 2015 Overview Adobe Flash Player contains a vulnerability in the ActionScript 3 ByteArray class, which can allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system. Description Adobe Flash Player versions 9.0 through version contain a use-after-free vulnerability in the AS3 ByteArray class .

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June Apple Patch Day – Daily Security Byte EP.107

If you use Apple products — on Mac or PC — know that today is Apple Patch Day. The popular software company released six security advisories (originally five, but they had a late breaking advisory) fixing many security flaws in most of their most popular products. Watch today’s video to learn which products are affected, and what you should patch (or check the Reference section for a link to the page with all the details)