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Yosemite 0day – Daily Security Byte EP.130

It’s pretty impressive to know an 18 year old Italian teenager is already finding vulnerabilities in OS X. However, I hope he learns to disclose them responsibly, and starts informing vendors first. This week, news surfaced of a zero day privileges escalation flaw in the latest version of OS X Yosemite

Security researcher Runa Sandvik fires a round from a Tracking Point TP750 rifle at a target 50 yards away as husband and fellow security researcher Michael Auger uses a laptop to hack into the rifle's wifi to change the trajectory of the bullet. 0

Hacking Sniper Rifles – Daily Security Byte EP.120

When I started in information security, I’d never have guessed hackers would be able to cause sniper rifles to shoot off target. However, the latest research has made that idea a reality. See today’s video to learn about this interesting new hack, and why it should make you aware of the dangers of the “Internet of Thing”.

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Hacktivists Expose Cheaters – Daily Security Byte EP.116

We can’t condone cyber crime, even when the hacktivists have morals. A group of attackers calling themselves The Impact Team have breached a well-known online cheating site, and threatened to expose all its customers if they don’t shutdown shop. Watch today’s video to learn about this scandalous cyber drama, and why you shouldn’t post anything online that you don’t want your Grandma to see. (Episode Runtime: 3:41 ) Direct YouTube Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvow48dkF54 EPISODE REFERENCES: Popular Adultery site breached and extorted – Krebs on Security Who needs hackers if you can already see who’s cheating – Motherboard How you can see if an email address is on Ashley Madison (AM) – Troy Hunt Why the AM breach is everyone’s problem – The Verge What the AM hack teachs you about OpSec – Motherboard —  Corey Nachreiner, CISSP  ( @SecAdept )