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Paris Terror Attacks Stoke Encryption Debate

U.S. state and federal law enforcement officials appear poised to tap into public concern over the terror attacks in France last week to garner support for proposals that would fundamentally weaken the security of encryption technology used by U.S. corporations and citizens.

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Guy Fawkes Day Hacktivism – Daily Security Byte EP. 173

Based on the masks they chose, you could probably guess that Hacktivists, like Anonymous, associate strongly with Guy Fawkes. So it’s not surprising that they also plan hacking campaigns for Guy Fawkes Day, which falls on November 5th every year. Watch today’s episode to hear about two hacktivist campaigns carried out this week, and what we can learn from them

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Police Want Genetic Data from Corporate Repositories

Both the FBI and local law enforcement are trying to get the genetic data stored at companies like 23andMe. No surprise, really. As NYU law professor Erin Murphy told the New Orleans Advocate regarding the Usry case, gathering DNA information is “a series of totally reasonable steps by law enforcement.” If you’re a cop trying to solve a crime, and you have DNA at your disposal, you’re going to want to use it to further your investigation

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Malicious Chrome Look-alike – Daily Security Byte EP. 163

Have you installed free software lately. If so, there’s a chance you might think you’re surfing with Chrome, but in reality a look-alike browser is snooping on your web connections and forcing ads on you. In today’s video, I discuss eFast browser, a potentially unwanted program (PUP) shipping with certain free software installers.

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Flash 0day Surfaces – Daily Security Byte EP.159

Adobe just released a new Flash update Tuesday, but researchers have already found sophisticated threat actors leveraging a new zero day Flash exploit in the wild. Trend Micro, one of our security partners, found the Pawn Storm attackers leveraging this new Flash exploit. Watch today’s video to learn when the next patch will come out, and what to do in the meantime. UPDATE: Adobe actually sped up their schedule to release a fix