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SHA-1 Freestart Collision 0

SHA-1 Freestart Collision

There’s a new cryptanalysis result against the hash function SHA-1: Abstract : We present in this article a freestart collision example for SHA-1, i.e., a collision for its internal compression function. This is the first practical break of the full SHA-1, reaching all 80 out of 80 steps, while only 10 days of computation on a 64 GPU cluster were necessary to perform the attack

No More “Cyber Victims”? 0

No More “Cyber Victims”?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and it's all too easy to dwell on the hacks and attacks that make headlines every day. It sometimes seems as though every month recently has been Cyber Security Awareness Month. Data breaches…

Closing The Gap On Mobile Security For SMBs 0

Closing The Gap On Mobile Security For SMBs

Not surprisingly, mobile security ranks among the top challenges IT faces when it comes to protecting small and mid-sized businesses. What is surprising, however, is that only 16% of SMBs worldwide responding to a recent Techaisle survey say they&rsq…

SharePoint 2013 XSS Vulnerability Discovered 0

SharePoint 2013 XSS Vulnerability Discovered

Researchers with FortiGuard Labs recently discovered a persistent cross-site scripting vulnerability in Microsoft SharePoint 2013. SharePoint is a web application platform in the Microsoft Office server suite that combines intranet, extranet, co…