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Regin: Another Military-Grade Malware 0

Regin: Another Military-Grade Malware

Regin is another military – grade surveillance malware (tech details from Symantec and Kaspersky ). It seems to have been in operation between 2008 and 2011. The Intercept has linked it to NSA/GCHQ operations, although I am still skeptical of the NSA/GCHQ hacking Belgian cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater

Whatsapp Is Now End-to-End Encrypted 0

Whatsapp Is Now End-to-End Encrypted

Whatapp is now offering end-to-end message encryption: Whatsapp will integrate the open-source software Textsecure, created by privacy-focused non-profit Open Whisper Systems, which scrambles messages with a cryptographic key that only the user can access and never leaves his or her device. I don’t know the details, but the article talks about perfect forward secrecy. Moxie Marlinspike is involved, which gives me some confidence that it’s a robust implementation.

Narrowly Constructing National Surveillance Law 0

Narrowly Constructing National Surveillance Law

Orin Kerr has a new article that argues for narrowly constructing national security law: This Essay argues that Congress should adopt a rule of narrow construction of the national security surveillance statutes. Under this interpretive rule, which the Essay calls a “rule of lenity,” ambiguity in the powers granted to the executive branch in the sections of the United States Code on national security surveillance should trigger a narrow judicial interpretation in favor of the individual and against the State