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Survey of the Dark Web 0

Survey of the Dark Web

Interesting paper on the dark web: Daniel Moore & Thomas Rid, ” Cryptopolitik and the Darknet ,” Survival , 2016. (Technical annex here — requires the Tor browser.) They conclude that it’s mostly used for illegal activity

The 2016 National Threat Assessment 0

The 2016 National Threat Assessment

It’s National Threat Assessment Day. Published annually by the Director of National Intelligence, the ” Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community ” is the US intelligence community’s one time to publicly talk about the threats in general

Large-Scale FBI Hacking 0

Large-Scale FBI Hacking

As part of a child pornography investigation, the FBI hacked into over 1,300 computers. But after Playpen was seized, it wasn’t immediately closed down, unlike previous dark web sites that have been shuttered” by law enforcement. Instead, the FBI ran Playpen from its own servers in Newington, Virginia, from February 20 to March 4, reads a complaint filed against a defendant in Utah

Data and Goliath Published in Paperback 0

Data and Goliath Published in Paperback

Today, Data and Goliath is being published in paperback. Everyone tells me that the paperback version sells better than the hardcover, even though it’s a year later. I can’t really imagine that there are tens of thousands of people who wouldn’t spend $28 on a hardcover but are happy to spend $18 on the paperback, but we’ll see