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Secure Your Holiday Shopping 0

Secure Your Holiday Shopping

In the United States, families will soon be traveling by plane, train and automobile to be with their loved ones to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Large feasts will be prepared, football games will be viewed, and parades watched

Confusion over SSL and 1024 bit keys, (Tue, Oct 7th) 0

Confusion over SSL and 1024 bit keys, (Tue, Oct 7th)

Yesterday and today, a post on reddit.org caused quite a bit of uncertainty about the security of 1024 bit RSA keys if used with OpenSSL. The past referred to a presentation given at a cryptography conference, stating that 1024 Bit SSL keys can be factored with moderate resources (“20 minutes on a Laptop”). It was suggested that this is at least in part due to a bug in OpenSSL, which according to the post doesn’t pick the random keys from the entire space available.