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Insomni’hack iOS challenges 0

Insomni’hack iOS challenges

Insomni'hack's CTF included a couple of mobile challenges I was happy to look into. All could be solved with or without a mobile phone. iBadMovie part 1 We are given a zip file which contains an iOS application and 'a copy of folde…

Repurposing Logs, (Tue, Mar 24th) 0

Repurposing Logs, (Tue, Mar 24th)

Keeping an eye on your logs is critical (really, its number 14 on the SANS critical list of controls: https://www.sans.org/critical-security-controls/control/14 .) Earlier Rob VandenBrink shared some techniques to find nuggets hiding in your logs ( https://isc.sans.edu/forums/diary/Syslog+Skeet+Shooting+Targetting+Real+Problems+in+Event+Logs/19449/ .) Today Im going to share some tricks to squeeze every last bit out of your logs through repurposing logs. I mean repurposing log files, not this: https://www.pinterest.com/dawnreneedavis/repurposed-logs/ . Logs are given their original purpose when programs determine when and how theyre going to record a log entry.

Putting An End To Security Snake Oil 0

Putting An End To Security Snake Oil

Imagine it’s the late 19th century. Modern medicine is in its infancy. Folk cures, snake oil, and patent medicines are still being peddled to naive consumers and a nascent market for legitimate pharmaceuticals struggles to balance profit and ge…