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RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan 2015 0

RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan 2015

RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan 2015 RSA conference was held last week in Singapore, and Fortinet was a Gold sponsor. This was our first year having an official booth and we ecstatic to have the opportunity to meet other security professio…

Security researcher Runa Sandvik fires a round from a Tracking Point TP750 rifle at a target 50 yards away as husband and fellow security researcher Michael Auger uses a laptop to hack into the rifle's wifi to change the trajectory of the bullet. 0

Hacking Sniper Rifles – Daily Security Byte EP.120

When I started in information security, I’d never have guessed hackers would be able to cause sniper rifles to shoot off target. However, the latest research has made that idea a reality. See today’s video to learn about this interesting new hack, and why it should make you aware of the dangers of the “Internet of Thing”.

GamaPoS – .NET PoS Malware In the Wild 0

GamaPoS – .NET PoS Malware In the Wild

GamaPoS has received a fair amount of attention since its discovery, in part because the use of .NET is (currently) unique among PoS malware and in part because it leverages the versatile Andromeda botnet. At its core, though, GamaPoS is a scrap…

IoT and Cyberwars 0

IoT and Cyberwars

The internet is built on a flawed design – this is actually well known. The whole network security industry grew because of this weak foundation.