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WatchGuard Breaks Logjam and Protects Encrypted Connections

This week, a group of university researchers disclosed a new vulnerability affecting the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. The Diffie-Hellman (DH) key exchange is a cryptographic method for two systems to establish a shared secret over a public communication channel, which they later use to encrypt their communications. Many encryption protocols, including HTTPS, SMTPS, IPSec VPN, SSH, and other TLS implementations, use it to set up shared secrets.

Rombertik: A Personal Curiosity 0

Rombertik: A Personal Curiosity

If you haven’t heard of Rombertik, you probably had a nice vacation somewhere. A few weeks ago, Rombertik made its rounds in the news everywhere. Lots of articles and blogs were written about it, so out of curiosity, I had a look into it myself…

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Lookout for Reader Patches – Daily Security Byte EP.80

Adobe typically shares Patch Tuesday with Microsoft, but with Microsoft’s recent announcement to stop monthly patches for Windows 10, Adobe could be patching alone this month. That’s no excuse to miss patches though, so watch today’s video to learn what Adobe  plans to update tomorrow. By the way, if Microsoft does release patches tomorrow, we’ll be sure to let you know