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Amazon 2FA – Daily Security Byte EP. 179

Great news for Black Friday shoppers who use Amazon! The well known online retailer has finally enabled free two-factor authentication (2FA) for its customers. Watch today’s video to learn why I think you should turn it on, and why I think 2FA is important for all IT organizations

Keeping Pace with Cryptowall 0

Keeping Pace with Cryptowall

Overview Cryptowall is a popular ransomware which targets computers running Microsoft Windows, encrypts files, and extorts money to decrypt user files. With its predecessor’s first appearance way back September 2013, cryptowall has become a fi…

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Claimed iOS Bounty is Bad News – Daily Security Byte EP. 170

Some happy researchers apparently claimed a one million dollar bounty by finding a remote root jailbreak vulnerability in iOS 9. Yet, as exciting as that might sound, it’s bad news for Apple users because the bounty was offered by a company that doesn’t plan to disclose the flaw to Apple. Watch today’s video to learn more about this news, and why I think companies like Zerodium are bad for security