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Like PuTTY In a Hacker’s Hands 0

Like PuTTY In a Hacker’s Hands

PuTTY, the innocuous and ubiquitous terminal application that Windows users download regularly to connect to *nix systems, has been making headlines in the last month after an uptick in malicious activity set off red flags for researchers. As multi…

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Mr. Robot Rocks! – Daily Security Byte EP.105

It’s Friday, so let’s keep today’s InfoSec news light. The last few security-related shows and movies, like Blackhat and CSI: Cyber, have sucked! However, I have good news for you; Mr. Robot rocks! Watch today’s video to learn why I love this new TV show, and watch the first episode for free below (may not work outside the USA).

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Hackers Ground Airline – Daily Security Byte EP.101

Last Sunday, 1400 Polish LOT airline passengers were probably disappointed to learn their flights were delayed for five hours. According to the airline, hackers disrupted the ground stations responsible for sending flight plans to pilots. Watch today’s video to learn about this recent airline hack, and what it means for the industry