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Now Corporate Drones are Spying on Cell Phones 0

Now Corporate Drones are Spying on Cell Phones

The marketing firm Adnear is using drones to track cell phone users : The capture does not involve conversations or personally identifiable information, according to director of marketing and research Smriti Kataria. It uses signal strength, cell tower triangulation, and other indicators to determine where the device is, and that information is then used to map the user’s travel patterns.

Tom Ridge Can Find Terrorists Anywhere 0

Tom Ridge Can Find Terrorists Anywhere

One of the problems with our current discourse about terrorism and terrorist policies is that the people entrusted with counterterrorism — those whose job it is to surveil, study, or defend against terrorism — become so consumed with their role that they literally start seeing terrorists everywhere . So it comes as no surprise that if you ask Tom Ridge, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, about potential terrorism risks at a new LA football stadium, of course he finds them everywhere . From a report he prepared — paid, I’m sure — about the location of a new football stadium: Specifically, locating an NFL stadium at the Inglewood-Hollywood Park site needlessly increases risks for existing interests: LAX and tenant airlines, the NFL, the City of Los Angeles, law enforcement and first responders as well as the citizens and commercial enterprises in surrounding areas and across global transportation networks and supply chains.

Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not from Them 0

Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not from Them

In December, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was interviewed at the CATO Institute Surveillance Conference. One of the things he said, after talking about some of the security measures his company has put in place post-Snowden, was: “If you have important information, the safest place to keep it is in Google. And I can assure you that the safest place to not keep it is anywhere else.” The surprised me, because Google collects all of your information to show you more targeted advertising.

"Surreptitiously Weakening Cryptographic Systems" 0

"Surreptitiously Weakening Cryptographic Systems"

New paper: ” Surreptitiously Weakening Cryptographic Systems ,” by Bruce Schneier, Matthew Fredrikson, Tadayoshi Kohno, and Thomas Ristenpart. Abstract : Revelations over the past couple of years highlight the importance of understanding malicious and surreptitious weakening of cryptographic systems.