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Further Evidence Pointing to North Korea as Sony Hacker 0

Further Evidence Pointing to North Korea as Sony Hacker

The FBI has provided more evidence : Speaking at a Fordham Law School cybersecurity conference Wednesday, Comey said that he has “very high confidence” in the FBI’s attribution of the attack to North Korea. And he named several of the sources of his evidence, including a “behavioral analysis unit” of FBI experts trained to psychologically analyze foes based on their writings and actions. He also said that the FBI compared the Sony attack with their own “red team” simulations to determine how the attack could have occurred

Fidgeting as Lie Detection 0

Fidgeting as Lie Detection

Sophie Van Der Zee and colleagues have a new paper on using body movement as a lie detector: Abstract : We present a new robust signal for detecting deception: full body motion. Previous work on detecting deception from body movement has relied either on human judges or on specific gestures (such as fidgeting or gaze aversion) that are coded or rated by humans.

Attributing Cyberattacks 0

Attributing Cyberattacks

New paper: ” Attributing Cyber Attacks ,” by Thomas Rid and Ben Buchanan: Abstract: Who did it? Attribution is fundamental. Human lives and the security of the state may depend on ascribing agency to an agent.