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Apple Phishing emails, (Thu, Sep 18th) 0

Apple Phishing emails, (Thu, Sep 18th)

With today being “buy an Apple phone” day it should not be surprising that there are already some phishing emails going around to try and take advantage of the publicity.   Jan sent this in this morning (thanks): ————- Dear Client, We inform you that your account is about to expire in less 48 hours, it’s imperative to update your information with our audit forms, otherwise your session and/or account will be a limited access. just click the link below and follow the steps our request form Update now…

FreeBSD Denial of Service advisory (CVE-2004-0230), (Tue, Sep 16th) 0

FreeBSD Denial of Service advisory (CVE-2004-0230), (Tue, Sep 16th)

A vulnerability has been discovered by Johnathan Looney at the Juniper SIRT in FreeBSD (base for Junos and many other products) in the way that FreeBSD processes certain TCP packets (  If you send TCP SYN packets for an existing connection (i.e. the correct source IP, source port, destination IP, destination port combination) the operating system will tear down the connection