Daily Archive: April 24, 2012

Understanding Illicit Networks 0

Understanding Illicit Networks

“We all know that, in recent decades, businesses have internationalized their operations like never before, but a less well-known result of globalization is that transnational criminal enterprises have also benefited enormously. Sophisticated illicit networks have emerged around the world, adept at exploiting the disjunction between global economic integration and the persistence of sovereign states. Global commerce now relies on countless shipping containers, which are rarely checked for contraband….”

Willets: Cyber security not 'solely military issue' 0

Willets: Cyber security not 'solely military issue'

“The minister for cyber security claims the UK differs from the world on its approach to cyber crime. Cyber security is not just an issue for the military to face, but one for both the public and private sector to work on together. This was the claim by David Willets, minister of state for universities and science and the recently appointed minister for cyber security within the department for business, innovation and skills (BIS)….”