Daily Archive: April 15, 2012

Student Bay File-Sharing Admin Walks Free 0

Student Bay File-Sharing Admin Walks Free

“After a legal process lasting more than three years, the alleged administrator of The Student Bay, a Swedish website dedicated to indexing textbooks, has been acquitted today. The court ruled that there was no evidence that the 23-year-old had created or administered the website, or had any direct role in copyright infringement

Understanding DevOps vs NoOps 0

Understanding DevOps vs NoOps

“You can't hide from the DevOps conversations going around in the IT world today. Whether you're on Twitter, standing in the hallway at a technical conference, or in the office – everyone's talking about DevOps and its contribution to the agility and speed of software release from today's development organization. DevOps represents a fundamental shift in how applications are being delivered to the new 'web' via cloud, mobile and other channels….”

Cyber threats the joker and the thief 0

Cyber threats the joker and the thief

“The continued threat of vulnerabilities within Web applications, mobile applications, and outlines specific vulnerabilities with cloud-based implications. Also an alarming trend for security professionals, in the form of continued prevalence of critical application layer vulnerabilities, such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection

Hackers feel Apple big enough to attack now 0

Hackers feel Apple big enough to attack now

“If you own a Mac computer and think that you are immune to a malware virus, think again. The Flashback virus has recently infected hundreds of thousands of Mac computers. Our Tech Expert Dean Plumadore says computer hackers like to effect as many devices as they can when sending out a virus, and now that Apple is growing at such a pace, Apple devices are now a target….”

Dirt Jumper DDoS Botnet Variants Continue to Proliferate 0

Dirt Jumper DDoS Botnet Variants Continue to Proliferate

“Researchers at Arbor Networks have identified so many varieties of the RussKill distributed denial of service (DDoS) botnet that they have dubbed the variants collectively as the “Dirt Jumper family”.”Attacks from the Dirt Jumper family of bots continue to target victims all around the world in a robust manner and we will take a look at who is being attacked, although we cannot always determine the motive,” writes Arbor Networks' Curt Wilson. In denial of service attacks, generally a large amount of information is sent to a web server at such high frequency that it overwhelms the processing capacity or causes the system to shut down and reset altogether. The proliferation of the Dirt Jumper botnets have spawned an underground economy based on DDoS attacks for hire, according to the research….”

Data Breach Study Finds Breach Costs Have Fallen 0

Data Breach Study Finds Breach Costs Have Fallen

“Since its first issue seven years ago, the Ponemon Institutes annual Cost of Data Breach Study (CDBS) has become a must read for privacy and breach professionals. The latest CDBS study, covering the 2011 year, can be considered a bookend to Verizons annual Data Breach Investigations Report, which 2012 edition was likewise recently released

Projectile Dysfunction 0

Projectile Dysfunction

“Well, those pesky North Koreans were at it again today when they attempted to launch a “weather satellite” into orbit. To make matters worse they invited hosts of journalists to take part in the historic moment – timed to coincide with 100th birthday celebrations of the state's founder, Kim Il Sung.