Monthly Archive: July 2011

Hacking Apple Laptop Batteries 0

Hacking Apple Laptop Batteries

Interesting : Security researcher Charlie Miller, widely known for his work on Mac OS X and Apple’s iOS, has discovered an interesting method that enables him to completely disable the batteries on Apple laptops, making them permanently unusable, and perform a number of other unintended actions. The method, which involves accessing and sending instructions to the chip housed on smart batteries could also be used for more malicious purposes down the road

ShareMeNot 0


ShareMeNot is a Firefox add-on for preventing tracking from third-party buttons (like the Facebook “Like” button or the Google “+1” button) until the user actually chooses to interact with them.

Data Privacy as a Prisoner’s Dilemma 0

Data Privacy as a Prisoner’s Dilemma

Good analysis : Companies would be better off if they all provided meaningful privacy protections for consumers, but privacy is a collective action problem for them: many companies would love to see the ecosystem fixed, but no one wants to put themselves at a competitive disadvantage by imposing unilateral limitations on what they can do with user data. The solution — and one endorsed by the essay — is a comprehensive privacy law.

Cryptography and Wiretapping 0

Cryptography and Wiretapping

Matt Blaze analyzes the 2010 U.S. Wiretap Report. In 2000, government policy finally reversed course, acknowledging that encryption needed to become a critical part of security in modern networks, something that deserved to be encouraged, even if it might occasionally cause some trouble for law enforcement wiretappers.