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Resilient Systems News

Former Raytheon CEO Bill Swanson has joined our board of directors. For those who don’t know, Resilient Systems is my company. I’m the CTO, and we sell an incident-response management platform that…well…helps IR teams to manage incidents

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Scottrade Breach Hits 4.6 Million Customers

Welcome to Day 2 of Cybersecurity (Breach) Awareness Month! Today’s awareness lesson is brought to you by retail brokerage firm Scottrade Inc. , which just disclosed a breach involving contact information and possibly Social Security numbers on 4.6 million customers. In an email sent today to customers, St

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Experian Breach Affects 15 Million Consumers

Kicking off National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a bang, credit bureau and consumer data broker Experian North America disclosed Thursday that a breach of its computer systems exposed approximately 15 million Social Security numbers and other data on people who applied for financing from wireless provider T-Mobile USA Inc . Experian said the compromise of an internal server exposed names, dates of birth, addresses, Social Security numbers and/or drivers’ license numbers, as well as additional information used in T-Moblie’s own credit assessment. The Costa Mesa-based data broker stressed that no payment card or banking details were stolen, and that the intruders never touched its consumer credit database.

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Stealing Fingerprints

The news from the Office of Personnel Management hack keeps getting worse. In addition to the personal records of over 20 million US government employees, we’ve now learned that the hackers stole fingerprint files for 5.6 million of them

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Data Breachapalooza – Daily Security Byte EP.153

It’s bad enough that we seem to learn about a new data breach every week, but today we learned about four new data breaches, including one that leaked 15M customer record. Watch today’s video to learn which companies were affected, what data was stolen, and what users should do about it

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No More “Cyber Victims”?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and it's all too easy to dwell on the hacks and attacks that make headlines every day. It sometimes seems as though every month recently has been Cyber Security Awareness Month. Data breaches…